INTERVIEW: Representative Raúl Labrador talks healthcare bill repeal

Photo Courtesy: Raul Labrador (Twitter Profile Picture)

U.S. House Representative Raúl Labrador has served in Congress since 2010. Prior to his election to the U.S. House of Represenatives, he served two terms in the Idaho House of Representatives. He founded the House Freedom Caucus in 2015 to bring together reform-minded conservatives. Rep. Labrador joined Neal Larson and Cala Curtis on KID Newsradio to talk about his latest town hall meetings and his proposal to reform healthcare.  

Listen to the full interview below.



Between healthcare bills and town hall meetings, U.S. Representative Raúl Labrador (R-ID) knows what it feels like to be in the hot seat.

“You have to be willing to engage, and you have to be willing to disagree with people,” Rep. Labrador said.

After a recent town hall meeting where participants resorted to shouting and yelling, Rep. Labrador says the art of disagreeing is important in politics, especially when it comes to the most recent debate surrounding repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

“[People are] afraid to go back and face their constituents in telling them the hard truth about governing, the hard truth about government, the hard truth about the fact that we’re going broke as a nation and we can’t spend and fund every single thing that the constituents want to fund,” Rep. Labrador said.

Tackling those hard truths is why the House Freedom Caucus, established by Rep. Labrador in 2015, rejected a recent proposed health care policy and created a different proposal, one that he says is a good compromise between parties and brings premium costs down for everybody.

“Our approach is different,” Rep. Labrador said. “We get rid of all the regulations at the state level that we can, that reduces the premiums for the vast majority of premium holders, and then we subsidize people with pre-exisiting conditions and we give them the ability to be subsidized and their premiums won’t see the same price increases.”

An approach, Rep. Labrador says, is doing more than Obamacare did initially.

“We’re actually saving money for every American and still help those same people that Obamacare was helping,” Rep. Labrador said.