INTERVIEW: Representative Kelley Packer talks about lieutenant governor campaign efforts

Image Courtesy: Representative Kelley Packer via Facebook

Listen to KID Newsradio’s full interview with Representative Kelley Packer.


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Representative Kelley Packer talked about her bid for the Idaho lieutenant governor’s seat on KID Newsradio on Wednesday, May 9.

As races across the state, particularly the gubernatorial race, continue to heat up, candidates continue to exchange sharp words and launch accusations, the race for lieutenant governor remains relatively calm on the campaign front.

“I’ve been proud of all of us in the llieutenant governor race,” Representative Kelley Packer told KID Newsradio. “We’ve had very little to no drama in our debates. There was one occasion that maybe stands out, but for the most part we have just talked about our own strengths and our abilities and our goals and where we see things going and that’s been something I’ve really appreciated.

Among her strengths, Representative Packer said, are a dedication to honesty and kindness even in the face of disagreement much like the lieutenant governor’s race currently feels.

I’ll meet with people regardless of who they are to try to understand where they’re coming from and what their needs are,” Representative Packer said.I will be respectful and kind regardless of whether we agree on a position, in fact, especially when we don’t and…I’ll be honest and always let people know where I stand including when I can’t be where they need me to be or want me to be and that I’ll be consistent there so that people know what they’re getting, they know who I am and that’s to me, something that is really important in an elected official and in a leader, we need to be available, we need to be approachable. People need to feel like they can talk to us and they need to know that what they’re going to get from us is honestly where we’re at and why.”

The primary election is Tuesday, May 15th.