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Image Courtesy: Representative Karey Hanks via The Idaho Legislature

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho Representative Karey Hanks is working to secure her re-election to the legislature with the state primaries just week away.

I’m very busy,” Representative Karey Hanks, who serves Idaho Legislative District 35B and is running for re-election, told KID Newsradio. “It’s going well and I’ve had a lot of good response.”

Among both her campaign and current legislative efforts, Hanks said she is bringing awareness to an effort for a wildlife overpass in Island Park. The project aims to protect drivers and wildlife from collisions, but Hanks said it comes at a price tag easily remedied with more efficient and cost effective solutions.

“We’re happy that there’s more awareness and I think there’s more opposition,” Hanks said. “Now that people are realizing what, what is proposed up there…apparently there will be a resolution from the Farm Bureau to oppose them and that that would be a big deal…When you consider the condition our roads are in and they’re wanting spend $20 million plus and then there are so many other options that are available or that are a lot more cost effective…to me it‘s a no brainer and the people I talk to about it, they can’t believe we’d even consider such a thing.”

Hanks has also taken up the task of advocating for stronger Second Amendment protections in Idaho. In the most recent legislative session, Hanks said those efforts were more incremental than sweeping as the Idaho Legislature passed Senate Bill 1313, but failed to advance House Bill 444 out of committee.

“What we did was…codified some of the case law on protecting yourself,” Hanks said. “When you’re in your house and you have an intruder in there, you’re not going to think, “Okay, what’s the law? You know, am I going to go to jail if I protects my family?” No, you’re going to take care of the problem. So this will strengthen it and we’ll continue to do things like that.”

FULL INTERVIEW: Representative Karey Hanks talks with Neal Larson and Julie Mason about Second Amendment rights, Idaho healthcare and gives the latest update on efforts to build a wildlife overpass in Island Park

In light of recent mass shootings and an ever constant political banter about gun control across the nation, Hanks said it’s crucial to remember Idaho isn’t exempt from attacks on Second Amendment rights and continues to advocate for stronger gun rights and more firearm safety in schools.

“We’ve got kids running around telling us that law abiding citizens shouldn’t have guns and that only the government should have guns,” Hanks said. “If teachers are willing to take the training and have the guns, protection for those kids, I think it’s a great idea.”


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