INTERVIEW: Representative Jeff Thompson talks about re-election campaign

Idaho Representative Jeff Thompson talks about his stance on issues like healthcare and Common Core on KID Newsradio | Sydney Jensen, KID Newsradio

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Candidates across that state are buckling down with the Idaho primary election a week away.

Idaho Representative Jeff Thompson is facing off against political newcomer Gary Marshall to keep his seat in the Idaho Legislature for a sixth term and says his experience in Boise is one of the biggest factors separating him and Marshall.

“I have my experience of being in the legislature,” Representative Jeff Thompson told KID Newsradio. “When I first got there the Speaker of the House, Lawrence Denney, told all of us as freshman, [it] usually takes about three terms to figure out what’s really going on around here. Some pick it up a little bit quicker than others. So, I’d say that when you have that kind of knowledge and that background with how the legislature works, that’s irreplaceable and that I guess, that brings about the edge that the people was talk about the incumbent having and so I look forward having that expertise edge.”

In addition to his prior experience as a legislator, Representative Thompson said he and his opponent differ on some political issues like healthcare.

“There’s been a couple of comments made in the press, in the Post Register,” Representative Thompson said. “[Gary Marshall] supports Medicaid expansion. I do not, I believe that we can solve that without doing that…I think there’s a better plan out there.”

In previous votes, Representative Thompson said he voted for Idaho’s health exchange on the basis that it empowered Idahoans in their medical decisions.

I voted for us Idahoans to take ownership of our own destiny,” Representative Thompson said. “Therefore, we create our own exchange and then the cost savings is the proof that we did right thing. If we have not done that, then the federal government would have come in completely and taken over healthcare in the state of Idaho…So, I’d rather us take ownership of our own destiny any day then have somebody else come in and do it for us.”

Idaho’s primary elections are Tuesday, May 15.