INTERVIEW: Pocatello Mayor says city’s economy is booming

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s full interview with Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad

POCATELLO, Idaho — Going into the new year, Pocatello’s mayor says the future is bright for Idaho’s Gate City.

“Pocatello has a great vibe right now,” Brian Blad, Mayor of Pocatello, told KID NewsRadio. “People are excited about what’s happening or what has happened, and so as I look into 2019, the economy is good, jobs are very available for people.”

Blad said he does want to change a few things going into 2019. With employment number at record lows in many parts of the nation, Blad said he wants to make sure people who are working in Pocatello are working in the right job that matches their qualifications.

“My concern is getting people hired and employed at the right level,” Blad said. “I believe we have some people that are under employed right now and I’m hoping to be able to help change that so that we can, they can have a better life for themselves as well here.”

A more visual example of the success Pocatello is feeling can be seen in the Northgate Project, Blad said. Despite some setbacks, the project is forging ahead and locals should start seeing a small skyline dot the horizon north of Chubbuck.

“The Northgate Project is moving forward,” Blad said. “There are plans right now for them to be building buildings vertical this year and I think next year at this time the landscape, just north of Chubbuck road is going to be absolutely different. We’re moving and like crazy. It’s booming.”

Even Pocatello’s older district is finding a renewed economic strength. As businesses continue to open and flourish in Pocatello’s Old Town area, Blad said 2019 is looking to be a great year for businesses in the city.

“I believe things are really truly looking up,” Blad said. “We’re in a great position and I think 2019 is just going to be a great year.”