INTERVIEW: Paulette Jordan talks final campaign stretch, responds to criticism

Paulette Jordan speaks with Sydney Jensen on KID NewsRadio during in an interview on Tuesday, September 4 | Josh Tielor, Rich Broadcasting

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Paulette Jordan, former representative and candidate for Idaho governor, spoke with KID NewsRadio about the final stretch of her campaign and responded to criticism, on Tuesday, September 4.

“We’re having a good time just getting out, meeting people,” Paulette Jordan told KID NewsRadio. “We have a lot of good folks in and all over Idaho. I’m very rural. So, I love being out in our countryside getting to know people, just really old-fashioned that way. That’s the way I grew up. So, it’s nice to have these conversations with people who I associate as my neighbors.”

Rural communities and the challenges experienced by people those areas have become a more dominant issue in political campaigns across the board and Jordan said it’s an experience she knows well.

“People are hurting,” Jordan said. “They’ve been suffering for a long time and, you know, for decades now with Republican leadership… I’m one of those residents who was hit hard at the local level because we’re having to scale our education system off of supplemental levies, and often times we’re paying twice in indigent care for folks who cannot afford their medical bills or just afford even a primary care doctor visit. So, there’s a lot of challenges that I hear from our rural citizens, and I think those challenges are going to be met once I’m governor.”

Rural challenges aren’t the only issue Jordan is hearing about from voters. Gun rights advocates have continued to vocalize their frustration and disapproval of a response Jordan gave during a debate during the primaries, telling moderators, “the AR-15 has no place in Idaho.”

“I’m actually a gun owner,” Jordan said. “So, I very much am supportive of the autonomy of gun ownership and I’ve definitely never said once that I would ever take any rifle away, but for myself, being governor of the state of Idaho, we have to also promote gun responsibility and accountability to each other. So, the only thing that I have ever talked about when folks have asked me about this issue is, I’m always mindful of what happens in rural communities and we don’t have a comprehensive system in background checks which needs to be strengthened.”

The general is election is Tuesday, November 6.