INTERVIEW: Lt. Gov. Brad Little gives update on campaign for governor

Photo Courtesy: Brad Little, Facebook


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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Brad Little updated voters on his campaign for governor during an interview on Wednesday, August 15.

Among the top issues Little said he hopes to address, if elected, include public land management and Medicaid expansion.

“We know we need more active management,” Lt. Governor Brad Little told KID NewsRadio. “Idaho is leading the nation in our good neighbor authority where the multiple-use land used to be logged. We’re going go back toward logging that. This year the legislature funded seven new foresters because of the forest services’ lack of funding because they’re spending all their money fighting fires, the state is going to take the lead and a lot of those lands were traditionally logged, we’re going to go back to the logging them.”

Little also said he wants to tackle Medicaid expansion as current Idaho leader works to shift away from the Affordable Care Act mandates. According to a study by Boise State University, when respondents were asked if lawmakers should work to give Idahoans in the healthcare coverage gap access to healthcare, over 75 percent said they favored the effort.

We’ve got to address it, you know, I’ve said that I will honor the will of electorate, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue to try and make existing Medicaid or the expanded Medicaid as efficient as possible, and as I always like to say, put spring in the safety net to where we help these people get management, but we don’t want to make them dependent upon on a program and I think that if it passes I think the legislature be more than willing to to address it in that manner.”