INTERVIEW: Lt. Col. Oliver North talks NRA appointment, efforts to protect the Second Amendment

Image Courtesy; Idaho Republican Party

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s full interview with National Rifle Association President Lt. Col. Oliver North


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Another six million members.

That’s the number of members National Rifle Association President Lt. Col. Oliver North hopes to add as he steps into his newest role as the head of the pro-second Amendment group.

“It’s taken us since 1871 to get to six million,” NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North told KID NewsRadio. “I want double that number and so, I’m going to go to every single place that they’ll let me say that or put up a banner that says ‘Join’…We have got to do more nationwide to support the Second Amendment.”

Part of his efforts, North said, includes combating an increasingly hostile conversation about gun control in the United States. As many advocates and politicians call for repealing or changing the second amendment, North said it’s important to be aware just how various individuals, organizations or groups are being attacked.

We’ve never experienced the kinds of things with [this], quite frankly, unlawful coercion that’s being worked against us up in New York,” North said. “[The] NRA was actually founded in New York City in 1871 and that’s where all of the documents, you know, drafting of the bylaws, all that stuff, are all up New York City and they’re going after banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and telling them they can’t do business if it’s a publicly traded company can’t do business with the NRA and they’re extorting them to get out of it because otherwise their department of financial services up in New York will lower their bond ratings and things like that. It really is unprecedented.”

As he embarks on this new responsibility, North said he hopes to share his message with people across the nation and said the best thing anyone can do to protect themselves is to get NRA firearms training and support the Second Amendment.

“My battle plan is very simple, more members, more elected officials who come from a background of support for the second amendment,” North said. “It’s very simple.”

North is scheduled to speak at the upcoming Idaho State GOP Convention in Pocatello, Idaho on Friday, June 29.

The full schedule for the convention can be access here.