INTERVIEW: Local meteorologist says eclipse weather is still “a question mark”







Michael Coats works as the Chief Meteorologist at Local News 8. He spoke with Neal Larson on KID Newsradio about the uncertainty surrounding eclipse weather forecasts and why he’s still not sold on clear weather.

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — When it comes to eclipse weather, Local News 8 Chief Meteorologist Michael Coats says of the August 21 forecast still isn’t set in stone.

“The problem is, there’s some uncertainty in the forecast because of our old friend the monsoons in the Gulf of California, they’re going to start coming up,” Michael Coats, Chief Meteorologist at Local News 8 told KID Newsradio. “If it was nice big ridge of high pressure, I could see that coming two weeks out, but on Sunday we’re going to start to see thunderstorms back in here.”

Weather forecasts from several different outlets are reporting Monday’s eclipse weather to be in the low-eighties with just a few clouds, but Coats says there’s still a big question mark about the final forecast.

“I don’t see it raining during the eclipse at all, but it’s the cloud cover, the clouds and where they’re going to be,” Coats said.

Coats says the National Weather Service has reported weather along the path of totality still looks good, but the regions north and south have some cloud cover, which could easily spill into the totality regions.

“The forecast is partly cloudy on Monday and normally we wouldn’t care about a partly cloudy forecast,” Coats said. “But, it’s this specific hour that’s really driving everyone in the weather world a little bit nuts right now.”

Meteorologists won’t know for sure what eclipse goers in southeast Idaho will see until one or two days away from the eclipse.

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