INTERVIEW: Local farmer opens up ranch to eclipse viewers









Peter Zitlau is a local farmer and the owner of Granite Creek Ranch in Swan Valley, Idaho. He recently decided to open up part of his 1,000 acre ranch to eclipse viewers. Zitlau joined Neal Larson on KID Newsradio to talk about what led him to offer camping sites, how many sites are available and how people can reserve a camping site. 

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SWAN VALLEY, Idaho — When Peter Zitlau, owner of Granite Creek Ranch, heard about hotels booking up ahead of the eclipse 10 months ago, he decided it was time to open up his ranch to eclipse viewers.

“I do run some cabins on my ranch through Air B&B and so I’m familiar with kind of hospitality,” Peter Zitlau, owner of Granite Creek Ranch, told KID Newsradio. “[I] just thought there’s not going to be enough accommodations [in the cities], so might as well do some camping.”

Zitlau says his ranch is “pretty easy access,” since it’s located 30 miles each of Idaho Falls and eight miles west of Swan Valley. He’s opened up 30 camping sites and 30 RV sites, saying about a dozen have already been booked.

“If the demand increases, I’ve got a few thousand acres there that I can open up some other areas and take in more people,” Zitlau said. “Just whatever the demand is.”

Photo Courtesy: Granite Creek Ranch via Facebook

Most of the visitors who have already booked hail from all over the world. Zitlau says he has reservations from people in England, France, Denmark, Florida, Washington D.C., California and Arizona.

“[People have booked] kind of from all over the place,” Zitlau said. “A lot of people from Europe.”

Zitlau says he’s already rented garbage bins and port-o-potties in preparation for the event.

Anyone interested in reserving a spot at Granite Creek Ranch can find more information at or on the ranch’s Facebook site.