INTERVIEW: Kristin Collum talks campaign for lieutenant governor spot

Image Courtesy: Kristin Collum via website

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s interview with Kristin Collum

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Kristin Collum, Idaho Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, gave the latest on her campaign during an interview with KID NewsRadio on Monday, August 20.

“As I cross the state and talk to people within these counties…I just find amazing stories, amazing people and I find this commonality of issues and concerns,” Kristin Collum told KID NewsRadio. “No matter what ideological background the people are in, walk of life, you know we all have the same basic concerns.”

Collum said she plans to visit all of Idaho’s 44 counties before election day to meet with voters and talk about their concerns. As a Democratic candidate in a dominantly Republican state, Collum said her skill set and experience make her a good candidate regardless of party affiliation and hopes skeptical voters can look at what she brings to the table instead of just the letter next to her name.

“I’m veteran and I can’t emphasize that enough…that I am patriotic, that I always honor the Constitution and the roles given to people and the authority in the Constitution. I’m always serving my country, even…when I haven’t been in uniform, and that’s actually what’s called me to service now,” Collum said. “I have decades of leadership, and when you’re choosing someone for lieutenant governor, you want to choose someone who’s ready to step in and do that job. So, you need that thinker, you need that moral compass and you need that grit and I’ve demonstrated all of those things and I think that speaks to people as well.”

Earlier this year Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan and Collum announced they would be running as a ticket in the primary election. While Idaho doesn’t allow for campaign tickets like voters see in the presidential elections, Collum said she and Jordan share common political views and values. But, Collum added, regardless of who’s elected as Idaho’s commander-in-chief she said she’s the best choice to serve under either gubernatorial candidate.

“I have always expected since putting my name in that I would be working with lots of Republicans,” Collum said. “So, I had as that expectation and really it’s, you know, working with someone, the day-to-day is just about getting the work done and I think when it comes down to it, whether it’s spread Brad Little or Paulette Jordan, we all just want what’s best for Idaho and what’s best for our children, and there’s so much common ground that we can start with, that it would be quite easy. I think for either governor candidate, I’m actually a very good deal for them.”