INTERVIEW: Kevin Jackson talks conservative movement, upcoming film


Kevin Jackson talks with Neal Larson and Julie Mason at the 2018 Hold Their Feet to the Fire broadcast in Washington D.C. | Julie Mason, KID NewsRadio

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s full interview with Kevin Jackson during the 2018 Hold Their Feet to the Fire broadcast in Washington D.C.



WASHINGTON D.C. — Kevin Jackson, author, Fox News contributor and academic, examined the future of the conservative movement and talked about his upcoming film, Bleeding Blue, during an interview with KID NewsRadio on Thursday, September 6.

Jackson, who has degrees in computer science, math and electrical engineering, told KID NewsRadio his experience in risk management gives him a unique view of politics, particularly when examining the state of the conservative movement. When companies look at their risk assessment, Jackson said, they’re looking at the future consequences, positive and negative, of their present actions. The  conservative movement, he explained, currently struggle to present their message effectively and consequently, could result in losing ground in intellectual and political spheres in the future.

“The conservative movement is completely at risk,” Kevin Jackson told KID NewsRadio. “We’re at risk with media, we’re at risk with Hollywood and entertainment. We’re at risk with social media…what are we at risk for? We’re at risk of losing an intellectual discussion about common sense.”

Decreasing the risk to conservatives requires the movement to better package their message. Progressive messages continue to dominate social conversation, Jackson said, and have created a culture of ignorance.

“You have to understand people have been trained for decades in a cocoon of ignorance,” Jackson said. “Leftism allows no other thought in that bubble…So, you come through this cocoon of ignorance on a conveyor belt, they’re just spitting them out. Spitting them out, and so what then what appears logical…anything that would be sensible is now a illogical.”

One example of this thought process, Jackson said, is seen in the immigration debate.

“What if there was a Mexican family of 13, when you went home today, living in your house, eating your food watching Univisión? Would you be okay with that,” Jackson said. “No, because it doesn’t make sense. But, in their big macrocosm world where they’ve come out of this ignorance, it does. But, not when it boils down to me. What we never make them is responsible for themselves. What does it mean for me?”

Reawakening common sense in public square, Jackson said, requires humility, tough love and the ability to listen to others.

“You finally get to the point where you go, ‘I’m not right about everything so, it’s okay to go, ‘Oh, well hey, thanks for correcting me,'” Jackson said. “But, leftists don’t do that. They’re like temper tantrums, little kids…and so now we’re giving them tough love and they don’t know how to handle it because they’ve been coddled. They got cry closets in college, they got trigger words, they got safe spaces…So, this is the nation that we’ve now built and it’s ridiculous and it’s time that we stand up as conservatives and fight back.”