INTERVIEW: Janice McGeachin talks about bid for lieutenant governor’s seat

Image Courtesy: Janice McGeachin

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — With the Idaho primaries just weeks away, Janice McGeachin is one of several people hoping to take the secure her place on the ballot for lieutenant governor on May 15th.

Over the past year, McGeachin said she’s visited voters across the state in a grassroots campaign and recent polling data is encouraging. But, she said, that doesn’t mean her campaign works any less.

“That’s how we are running this campaign…earning grassroots support all across the state with it being so competitive and so many people running for office,” McGeachin said. “I feel good about where we’re at and polling numbers look positive for my campaign. Although we always run as if were ten points behind. So, we’re going to keep working hard the next couple weeks”

McGeachin said she wasn’t at liberty to disclose the source of her polling data, only that it had come from a gubernatorial candidate’s campaign. But, McGeachin said her social media advertising campaign has echoed a similar sentiment about how voters feel about her campaign.

“We’re doing a real targeted digital advertising campaign and the statistics that we see from that…we’re seeing some really good response,”McGeachin said. “We’ve had over 1.7 million impressions on our different ads across social media from all around the state. So, I think that we’re doing a pretty good job reaching out to the voters.”

But, it’s not just the numbers. In her grassroots efforts, McGeachin said she hopes to bring a message of change and progress to the table. After serving in the Idaho Legislature for 10 years and then returning the private sector in Idaho Falls to start a small business, McGeachin was surprised as just how restrictive and regulated many sectors of the state were.

I’m concerned about what I see happening in our state in the last six years,” McGeachin said. “Thirty-five percent of our budget now comes from federal debt finance dollars that our kids and our grand kids are going to have to pay back and these dollars are placing strings on the way that we conduct business in our state all across the board from education, healthcare, building roads and how we manage our lands.”

Under those policies, she said, businesses, communities and individuals choke financially and further restrict the freedoms necessary to thrive in Idaho – an experience McGeachin now knows first hand after starting a small business.

“These policies, the regulations are excessive and they’re hampering our freedoms and our abilities, our liberties…it was shocking to me how difficult it has become to start up a new business in this environment and so I want just to, you know, start peeling back some of those regulations and restrictions to start freeing up opportunities and potential for our young people.”