INTERVIEW: Idaho State Police spreads kindness through holiday program

Image Courtesy: Idaho State Police via Twitter

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s full interview with Lt. Chris Weadick from the Idaho State Police

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Dozens of families will get a little extra help for the holidays this year, thanks to Idaho State Police’s 10 Counties of Christmas program.

“What we have found in some of those remote areas especially is that we’ve got some indigent families that don’t necessarily have enough food on their table,” Idaho State Police Lt. Chris Weadick told KID NewsRadio. “Some of the kids do without coats and some other amenities, and so we’ve partnered with a number of local businesses to take food donations, coats for kid donations, as well as a cash donations and we’ve been able to take that, identify some of these families in those remote areas and deliver food bags along with turkeys and coats.”

By partnering with educators to identify those families in need, and then teaming up with several local businesses, Idaho State Police collects donations and delivers the holiday bundle of food, coats and turkeys.

“We try to identify maybe four or five in our 10 counties, ” Lt. Weadick said. “So, we’re looking at 40 or 50 [families]. Last year we gave almost 40 plus turkeys away. We partnered with our local law enforcement agencies and they helped us deliver the food bags, the coats, the turkeys, and it was really a collaborative effort with our fellow law enforcement partners as well.”

Troopers will continue to visit Broulim’s locations around the region and will be taking coat and food donations. Anyone can also donate by purchasing a Christmas dinner package at checkout at any east Idaho Broulim’s location.

You can follow Idaho State Police on Twitter, or by searching for #10CountiesofChristmas on social media for the latest details on the program.