INTERVIEW: Idaho Second Amendment Alliance hosts gun rally in Boise

Greg Pruett speaks to an audience at the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance rally in Boise | Image Courtesy: Shawn Hudgens

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s’ full interview with Greg Pruett of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Around 2,000 people attended an Idaho Second Amendment Alliance gun rights rally in the Boise area, ahead of the midterm elections on November 6.

“We could have held this rally back in April and March when the gun control activists held their rally and we would have lost a lot of that momentum by now, and so we wanted to have a rally just before the midterm elections were a couple of months away,” Greg Pruett, President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, told KID NewsRadio. “We [also] wanted to talk about some specific issues such as red flag laws and ensuring the gun owners knew to oppose these red flag laws that are sweeping the country right now.”

The midterms are particularly important for gun owners, Pruett said, because of where many of the candidates stand on gun laws. In a debate with KTVB and the Idaho Statesman in Boise in early May, gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan told moderators, “[The AR-15] doesn’t have a place in Idaho, but I’m not for taking people’s guns away who have been responsible gun owners.”

“Coming out opposed to guns in Idaho, generally, it’s not good for your political career and you know, we sent her a survey as we have all candidates and she has not returned that survey to us,” Pruett said. “If you look across the country right now, gubernatorial candidates in Georgia, in Montana and Texas, you know, all these candidates, whether it’s Senate or gubernatorial, are taking the hardcore gun control stances, which historically has not been very good for those campaigns, but they’re trying it.”

On the national front, Pruett said he’s been keeping an eye on the Kavanaugh nomination and approval process in Washington D.C. Kavanaugh, he said, doesn’t hold as strong a stance on the Second Amendment as he would like, but he does potentially offer hope to gun owners when it comes to the constitutionality of assault weapons bans.

“I’m not honestly all that impressed with the way that he views the Second Amendment,” Pruett said. “It could be much stronger in my opinion, but one thing that I think gun owners would be happy about with Brett Kavanaugh, if he is, you know, eventually voted in and confirmed his, he would probably strike down a so called assault weapons ban nationwide and I really think that’s the best hope that gun owners are going to get from Brett Kavanaugh.”