INTERVIEW: Final thoughts ahead of Community College vote

Less than 24 hours before the widely anticipated May 16 vote, proponents and opponents of the community college debate joined Neal and Cala on KID Newsradio to give their final thoughts before voters head to the polls.

“What’s offered locally is extremely limited,” Taggart told KID Newsradio. “The bottom line is this is a lot cheaper way to do it and it provides the programs here rather than somewhere else,” Taggart told KID Newsradio.

Taggart also says the proposed taxing district would not significantly impact east Idaho’s major land owners, farmers and ranchers. The taxation would amount to roughly $10 an operation, Taggart says.

But, Mark Fuller, an opponent of the proposed taxing district, says the proposal is nothing more than a free workforce training ground for businesses and businesses will not be footing the bill.

“It used to be when you wanted a job at a car dealership as a mechanic, you went there, they hired you and trained you for the job,” Fuller said. “These businesses no longer want to provide that training for their people. They only want to hire people that are experienced or people that have degrees, so that they don’t incur that training cost.”

Fuller says local businesses will not be paying the tax and Bonneville County residents should expect to see prices increase across the county.

“This is going to save the businesses money and not cost them a thing, why would they not want that kind of a program,” Fuller said, before adding, “this kind of social welfare program for the businesses should not be paid for by the Bonneville County citizens.”

Listen to the full interviews below:

Graphic Illustration | Sydney Jensen


Graphic Illustration | Sydney Jensen



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