INTERVIEW: FAIR President Daniel Stein discusses immigration reform, midterm elections

Daniel Feinstein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform | Image Courtesy: Federation for American Immigration Reform via website



WASHINGTON D.C. — Daniel Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, discussed the future of immigration reform during the 2018 Hold Their Feet To The Fire broadcast, on Thursday, September 6.

Stein praised President Donald Trump’s efforts during the first two years of his presidency across many political issues, and said as a result, the attitude of the American people is changing.

Trump has really improved morale,” Stein said. “Americans feel like they have the wind at their backHe has undone almost all of the bad things the Obama administration didcutting back on abusive foreign labor programs, document security issues, improving state-local cooperation, improving cooperation between different federal agencies, cutting back refugee admissions.”

But, Republicans can’t take the momentum and morale boost for granted. As the midterm elections approach, many have predicted a major unseating of many House and Senate Republicans, commonly referred to as a “blue wave.” Stein said the possibility of an increased number of Democrats in Congress should motivate Republican candidates and incumbents to follow the path President Trump is paving on immigration issues.

Trump is laying out for House Republicans the issues on immigration that those candidates need to use in their re-election campaigns,” Stein said. “If they don’t pick up the, you know, they’re going listen to the Koch brothers and not pick up the messages and go out there and you know take the lead from where Trump is trying to send them. They’re not going to motivate the voters to go out.”