INTERVIEW: Dr. Geoffrey Thomas talks education in Idaho, Common Core



Image Courtesy: Madison School District #321

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Dr. Geoffrey Thomas, Superintendent at Madison School District #321, talked about the current state of education in Idaho and Common Core, on Tuesday, August 28.

Thomas said education funding in Idaho has increased and education groups across the state are working well together. During the past three years, Thomas said, education has seen an addition $100 million go into Idaho education. But, almost all districts in Idaho still hold bond and levy elections to supplement their funding.

“Ninety-five of 118 school districts have supplemental levies to augment the money that they could use for things that the legislature doesn’t appropriate money for,” Thomas said. “So, I mean there’s always room for improvement. But, we are very grateful for what the legislature has done particularly the last three or four years.”

Educators are seeing students taking advantage of college credits before high school graduation. In Madison School District #321, five students graduated with their associates degrees and over double the number of students projected to do the same this year.

This year we have 17 students on track,” Thomas said. “We earned over 8,000 college credits last year during high school. Our vocational program is continuing to increase. You know, we started out a few years ago with two vocational teachers. Now, we have four and all the classes are full. So, I think the system is robust and growing.”