INTERVIEW: Dave Lent talks about campaign for Senate seat in Idaho Legislature

Image Courtesy: Dave Lent via Facebook

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Dave Lent, candidate for the Idaho legislature, talked about his campaign for a Idaho Senate seat 33, on Friday, May 11.

I’ve been involved in governance for the last twelve years here in District 91 on the school board and my experience at the site for essentially the last forty years kind of prepared me to get to this point where I think I could really contribute in a positive way,” Dave Lent told KID Newsradio.

The race is unique in that both candidates on the Republican side are new to the campaign trail. While Tony Potts is campaigning for his second term in office, it’s his first bid for the seat since he was appointed to the Senate. Still, Lent said he feels the timing is right him to campaign for Pott’s seat and education is his top priority.

“My involvement with the community college and my job with FLUOR Idaho at the INL as a training director have really positioned me to see ‘K’ through career in the education process,” Lent said. “So, I work everywhere from the kindergarten kids all the way through nuclear facility operators and I think making that connection from high school, community college to the workforce is just really key. So, for me, the timing is right and I’m going to point in my life where I can commit the time and effort that it’s going to take to be successful.”

As for other political issues, Lent said he wants to push for continued economic growth in Idah through the lens of education.

I think we [were] the fastest growing state last year, population-wise,” Lent said. “So, I think maintaining our values and standards that we enjoy as being Idahoans, as well as developing that economic base…that’s going come long term through education and as we help our youth and young people have the opportunities to get those jobs that will be high paying, that will really bring on long term economic growth. So, that’s really what I’m focused on is economic growth primarily through developing our educational process.”

The primary election is Tuesday, May 15.