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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Within his first couple of months as a freshman lawmaker in Washington D.C., Congressman Russ Fulcher has already experienced a government shutdown and seen intense political division among Democrats and Republicans.

“I typically don’t roll out the names Republican, Democrat because there’s exceptions on both sides, and I just don’t like to categorize that generally,” Congressman Russ Fulcher told KID NewsRadio. “But, I will tell you that for the most part on the Democratic side, there is such a flat out hatred for the president. I mean a hatred.”

Much of that personal and professional dislike has been played out for the American people on a national stage after the federal government underwent a record long partial shutdown. Both Democrats and Republicans still remain at a stalemate when it comes to funding border security, and more specifically, a border wall.

“The two sides on that particular debate or just dug in so deeply and honestly, I don’t foresee this being solved probably in the next few days,” Congressman Fulcher said. “If I were going to project what’s going to transpire, I would guess that the president is going to declare an emergency and move…for the most part it’s just been extremely contentious.”

As a freshman lawmaker, Congressman Fulcher said he isn’t exactly on the front lines of the border security debate. As one of over 100 new congressional members, Congressman Fulcher is still working to learn the rules and nuances of Washington D.C. politics, while also serving his constituents.

“There’s been a pretty significant infusion of new blood,” Congressman Fulcher said. “The more of them that I can meet, just get to know personally and start to get some rapport going, that will set the stage so eventually we can start having an impact on policy things. But, right now the best thing we can do is just try to learn the rules and take care of constituents and help them navigate the process.”

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