INTERVIEW: Congressman Raul Labrador responds to negative campaign ads, President Trump



Photo Courtesy: Raul Labrador via Facebook

U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador currently serves as a U.S. Congressman for Idaho. In 2015 he helped found the House Freedom Caucus and is now running for governor in the state of Idaho. Labrador joined Neal Larson on KID Newsradio to address a recent press conference calling out negative campaign ads from a pro-Tommy Ahlquist PAC.

You can listen to the full interview below.


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Congressman and gubernatorial Raul Labrador elaborated on his statements at a press conference about negative ads run by a political action committee with connections to Tommy Ahlquist.

“It’s not just the PAC, but it’s the entire Tommy Ahlquist campaign has been about lying and deceptions,” Congressman Raul Labrador, candidate for Idaho governor, told KID Newsradio. “It’s actually his father’s PAC, his father is funding a PAC for his son and that PAC, they have made a number of false accusations…Sometimes it can be an exaggerations, right, about a person’s record and you say, well you know, this is one thing and then there’s another thing that you could be misinterpreting. But, they have gone around the state saying I have never passed legislation in Congress, which is a complete and utter lie. We have sponsored and co-sponsored over twenty pieces of legislation that have become law and we have, actually drafted, three of those bills were drafted by my office. They were ideas that came straight out of my office that became legislation.”

As of Monday, April 9, Ahlquist had not issued a statement in response to Labrador’s press conference or comments about the pro-Ahlquist PAC ads. With both men scheduled to appear at the Lincoln Day Banquet on Saturday, April 14, Labrador said, the dynamic changes when negative campaigning enters the political arena.

“I think unfortunately, the dynamics changes,” Labrador said. “I have tried very hard not to be negative in this campaign. I like talking about my accomplishments and the things I’m gonna to do for Idaho, I don’t like talking about other people when I’m running for office. But, the reality is that, you know, now the gloves are off and people need to know truth about this guy.”

Outside of the pro-Ahlquist ad controversy, Labrador said he’s focused on his efforts in Washington D.C. including observing how President Trump works to works to negotiate several international issues like the southern border and North Korea.

“I have the ability to be the most effective of the three candidates,” Labrador said. “ I actually have a relationship with the president. Remember, Tommy Ahlquist voted against President Trump. Brad Little didn’t do anything from do for President Trump and I went around the United States campaigning for President Trump.”