INTERVIEW: Congressman Raul Labrador gives campaign update

Congressman Raul Labrador discusses the latest on his campaign for governor and answers questions from voters | Photo: Sydney Jensen, KID Newsradio


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador gave an update on his campaign efforts for governor just weeks away from the primary election on Friday, April 27.

“It’s really exciting right now,” Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Raul Labrador told KID Newsradio. “This is the time that people are paying attention. This is the time that people are really excited to learn from the candidates.

Among the ideas Congressman Labrador hopes to communicate to voters is his “5-5-5” plan and what he hopes to do to help boost Idaho’s status in the nation economically.

“If you look at the economy of Idaho, we’re the fastest growing state in the nation,” Congressman Labrador said. “But, we still have too many minimum wage jobs. We have the lowest per capita income. We’re in the bottom ten when it comes to GDP. Those are things that we shouldn’t be proud of and I think if we create an economic environment where businesses can thrive, I think our businesses will do better, our families will do better and we’ll be able to actually be much better, a much stronger state.”

Congressman Labrador said he’s also working to clarify misconceptions about him and his campaign. Among the questions he receives, the one he’s combating most often, he said, is whether or not he passed any legislation while serving in Washington D.C.

“Yes, I did, I passed legislation,” Congressman Labrador said. “But…I didn’t go to Washington D.C. to pass a bunch of legislation. We have too many laws. I went to Washington D.C. to kill bad legislation and I have done that again and again.”

The primary election will be held on May 15.