INTERVIEW: Congressman Raul Labrador explains attack ads claims, stance on CBD oil and public land management

Congressman Raul Labrador talks with Neal Larson and Julie Mason about recent claims on attack ads and his stance on issues as the May 15th primaries inch closer | Photo: Sydney Jensen, KID Newsradio

Congressman Raul Labrador is one of several candidates running for Idaho governor. He joined Neal Larson and Julie Mason on KID Newsradio to talk about recent claims against him in attack ads, his stance on CBD oil, public lands management and other state issues.

You can listen to the full interview below.

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho Representative and gubernatorial candidate, Raul Labrador is dispelling attack ad claims, emphasizing his stance on CBD oil and explaining his view on public land management, just weeks away from the Idaho primary elections.

In the midst of campaign ads attacking Labrador, the congressman says he has never seen the level of negativity waged in the current battle for Idaho governor.

“There’s nothing wrong with comparing your record with the record of your opponent, but I think one of the campaigns in this, in this election, has brought a certain level of negativity that we have never seen in a Republican primary and I think it’s pretty shameful,” Congressman Raul Labrador, a candidate for Idaho governor, told KID Newsradio. “I think to just outright just lie about your opponent and to tell things that are half truths…I’ve never seen that from from a campaign…and the funny thing is that people Idaho are rejecting it because they’ve never seen it before.”

Labrador did respond to some of the claims including the criticism of his use of a “luxury SUV,” and his alleged ineffectiveness while serving in Congress.

“If you drive a Ford Explorer, please know that you’re driving a luxury SUV,” Congressman Labrador said. ” I didn’t know that when we leased it…that vehicle has been used by me, has been used by my congressional staff. We have a long district…that vehicle went all the way from Canada to Nevada. It’s been driven all over the state of Idaho.”

As to the claims the congressman hasn’t passed any legislation while serving in Washington D.C., Labrador says the criticism is entirely false.

“The claim is that I haven’t passed any legislation and the reason they say it’s true is because my legislation was passed, attached to other bills,” Congressman Labrador said. “So, in their mind, they’re claiming that it didn’t pass. I mean, think, what level of, you know, thinking you have to have to justify a lie by saying, ‘Well, it really didn’t pass because it actually passed with other pieces of legislation.'”

But, outside combating campaign criticism, Congressman Labrador said he is advocating for CBD oil legalization in Idaho, returning public land management to the Gem State and other state issues important to Idahoans.

The people of Idaho are amazing people,” Congressman Labrador said. “They’re looking for somebody who can provide a conservative vision for this state and when you’re running for a governor…you’re not talking just about what bills you’re gonna to pass, but how you want this state to be…what kind of culture you want in this state…what types of agency leaders you want for this state and I think people are looking for something different.”

Idaho’s primary election is scheduled for May 15.

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