INTERVIEW: Congressman Mike Simpson explains statements on shutdown

Image Courtesy: Congressman Mike Simpson

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Congressman Mike Simpson is explaining his recent statement on the House floor on Friday, January 11 condemning the continued partial government shut down.

“I am sorry for the failure of your elected leaders to fulfill their most basic duty,” Congressman Mike Simpson said in his statement. “We are a diverse nation with many different viewpoints, but all Americans expect their government to continue functioning, day in and day out.”

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Congressman Mike Simpson Calls for Lawmakers to Compromise

Congressman Mike Simpson Calls for Lawmakers to Compromise

Congressman Simpson told KID NewsRadio the current state of the shutdown comes because both Democrats and Republicans cannot put aside their differences and agree on a compromise.

“This is a failure on all of us, all of us in Congress, and on the administration and not being able to come to an agreement on this,” Congressman Simpson said.”It takes two to reach compromise and somebody else has to be at the table. The president can’t be the only one there at the table…It’s the fault of both of us, but as much Pelosi and Schumer as it is the president.”

President Trump has already offered some concessions and compromises, all of which have been quickly rejected by Democrats. Congressman Simpson said right now Democrats seem to be the ones digging their heels in and refusing to come to the negotiation table.

“The reality is we’ve got to reach compromise and it’s going to have some wall funding in it,” Congressman Simpson said. “It’s going to have some of the things that the Democrats want and that’s the nature of a compromise. But, right now they’re both in a position of who wins and who loses.”