INTERVIEW: “Dr. Sky” describes what people can expect to see during eclipse

Photo Courtesy: Steven Kates (Dr. Sky)

Steven Kates, professionally known as Dr. Sky on Coast-to-Coast AM, has been involved in astronomy for over 30 years. He is seen on a regular basis on 3TV’s “Good Morning Arizona” and Fox 10′s “Arizona Morning.” Kates has seen five eclipses in his lifetime and joined Neal Larson on KID Newsradio to talk about what he’s most looking forward to during the 2017 Great American Eclipse.

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — In his life, Steven Kates, known to many as Dr. Sky, has seen five solar eclipses.

“This is a spiritual event, this is an emotional event and I describe this as sacred geometry,” Steven Kates told KID Newsradio.

Now Kates and his astronomy team are gearing up to visit southeast Idaho to see another solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 when the moon will cover the sun in a swath extending across the entire continental United States.

“This is an amazing moment here. There’s something unearthly about seeing totality,” Kates said, adding once people in southeast Idaho see the event, “they’ll be hooked.”

Kates says the solar eclipse presents many phenomena besides the much-anticipated moon covering the sun, saying temperatures drop, animals seek shelter thinking it’s night time and shadow bands often seen in waves, shimmering across the landscapes.

“You hear nothing…you breathe in this beauty,” Kates said.

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