INTERVIEW: Brandi Swindell talks Stanton Healthcare, pro-life services

Image Courtesy: Stanton Healthcare via website

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BOISE, Idaho — An Idaho-based alternative to Planned Parenthood is expanding their services across Idaho, the nation and the world.

“We are an alternative for women to go to who are facing an unexpected pregnancy, we’re an alternative to Planned Parenthood,” Brandi Swindell, Founder and CEO of Stanton Healthcare, told KID NewsRadio. “We provide life affirming services. We provide hope, we provide compassionate, quality healthcare to women at no charge so that they don’t feel coerced into one option, the option of abortion.”

The Stanton Project first opened in 2006 in Meridian, Idaho, according to the organization’s website. Since then, Stanton Healthcare has opened additional locations in Idaho and expanded to North Carolina, Michigan, California and most recently, Ireland. With each new location or affiliate program, and the ability to take the organization’s services anywhere in their mobile clinic, Swindell said an increasing number of women are getting access to pro-women healthcare choices.

“If woman walks into the door of a Planned Parenthood, she’s only going to be sold one choice,” Swindell said. “She’s only going to be given one choice and that’s abortion, and when a woman walks into Stanton Healthcare and has the option to go to a Stanton Healthcare in her community, she’s actually able to have true choice.”

Stanton Healthcare’s journey hasn’t been easy, Swindell said. Recently, Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest sued the nonprofit.

They said that invitees, not even us, but invitees of ours were supposedly harassing women and and they said that we are in violation of the CTNR’s because we were operating a business in the common area,” Swindell said. “So thankfully, this ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit never made it to trial.”

But, Swindell said, the lawsuit said volumes about Planned Parenthood’s intentions.

“It’s a bullying tactic and it shows Planned Parenthood’s heart very clearly,” Swindell said. “They are not about choice for women. They are not about choice in healthcare. They don’t want us there because the reality is when a woman seeks out our services on her own will, that’s taking money away from Planned Parenthood. So, they are very profit driven, they are driven by a worldview view of population control, and so they see Stanton as a threat which really exposes they’re not about choice.”

Which is a message Swindell hopes to keep spreading on a community, national and even a worldwide level.

We want to see abortion on ash heap of history,” Swindell said. “I cannot wait for that day and maybe, we’ll be alive to see it, that there’s a monument declaring that human rights begin in the womb, that honors those victims of abortion.”