INTERVIEW: Better Business Bureau warns public against expired warranty scam

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — The Better Business Bureau is warning the public against a scam recently seen in east Idaho using fake expired warranty papers.

A Rexburg couple, who wished to remain anonymous, recently received one such set of papers in the mail alleging their factory warranty on their vehicle was about to expire.

“What you’re seeing is scammers or solicitors trying to get you to buy an extended warranty, buy a service contract which can kind of appear like a warranty as well,” Jeremy Johnson, Marketplace Manager for the Northwest and Pacific Region, told KID Newsradio.

The couple said they were tipped off to the scam because the name on the document was the false name they usually provided to telemarketers. But some people aren’t so lucky, Johnson said.

“What you have to remember is first, you want to know if you’re warranty is actually up on the car that you purchased,” Johnson said. “A lot of times you go through your dealer and they offer you something. So, a lot of times these appear like something you’d really need, but you really need to do your research because a lot of times these things aren’t legit.”

People who receive documents or calls about a possibly expiring warranty need only call their dealer directly to find out where their vehicle stands, Johnson said.

“Do your research, first contact who you purchased the car from,” Johnson said. “If you get one of these cards, if there’s a number or a website, go to those places. We’ve seen situations where there was a phone number, but no website, so the person called the phone number and said, ‘Well, do you have a website where we can do research?” They said, ‘Oh, no, no, no, we don’t have a website.’ That should be a red flag. Look into things before you just jump into that.”

Johnson said anyone can file a complaint and find other local scams by visiting the Better Business Bureau’s website.