INTERVIEW: Aaron Swisher talks bid to unseat Congressman Simpson

Image Courtesy: Aaron Swisher

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s full interview with Democratic Congressional candidate Aaron Swisher

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — An Idaho Democratic candidate is hoping to unseat Congressman Mike Simpson during the general elections on November 6.

I really feel like I bring a new economic approach to our country’s problems,” Aaron Swisher told KID NewsRadio. “I think what the Republicans have been doing and what the Democrats have been doing is obviously less than adequate, and I think it’s really time that we admitted the flaws in those two approaches and came up with something new.”

Aaron Swisher, who describes himself as, “a common, everyday, ordinary citizen,” and also, ‘very educated,” told KID NewsRadio his experience in economics and finance have shaped his political opinions especially when it comes the state of healthcare. His approach to healthcare reform, Swisher said, is best matched by Senator Bernie Sanders.

I would lean more towards limited government, but to make that work, you really have to have an economy that is fair to everyone and we don’t have that at present, and so that’s why that a limited government approach doesn’t work,” Swisher said. “I think that we have allowed companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance industries to merge and acquire one another to such a degree that we don’t have a monopoly, but we certainly have an oligopoly or a less than competitive situation, and I think in order to bring some power back to consumers you have to go to some sort of single payer healthcare model like a Medicare for all.”

While many Democrats looked to the Affordable Care Act to bring greater equality to American healthcare, Swisher said the effort didn’t do enough.

I’m not a huge fan of the Affordable Care Act,” Swisher said. “I really don’t think it did enough to balance the power, you know, and kind of wrest power away from the pharmaceuticals, the healthcare care companies, the insurance industry, and it was extremely complex in the process of doing what it did. I think we could go simpler and do something that kind of creates a better balance of power in the marketplace.”

The general election is Tuesday, November 6.