INTERVIEW: 7 year-old helps police nab mother’s murderer

Brenda Denison and son Cooper.
Brenda Kenison and son Cooper.

A 7-year-old is being labeled a hero in the midst of tragedy.

Cooper Kolbet, witnessed the murders of his own mother, Brenda Kenison, and uncle, Dan Kenison, Monday morning in Spokane, WA, and without hesitation Cooper called police to report the crime.

Cooper was able to successfully identify the shooter to the police and it was his eyewitness account which led to a speedy arrest.

Ex-boyfriend of Brenda, Gilberto Delgado, was the man Cooper saw gun-down his family after a dispute erupted at Kenison’s home.

Delgado, who was recently released from prison, fled to Idaho and was arrested without dispute this past Tuesday in Blackfoot.

Father of Cooper and ex-husband of Brenda, Lance Kolbet joined the Neil Larson Show this morning.

Kolbet, a Chubbuck resident, arrived in Spokane a few hours after the crime and says Cooper told him his story.

“All this was pretty chilling, but the part that was pretty amazing was his composure…It was like he was reading everything off a cue-card

Kolbet explained how the police were even surprised by Cooper.

“What Cooper did was not only everything right, but just about everything opposite of what most kids would do.”

Cooper, although missing his mother, is doing well Kolbet said, and all the support they have been receiving from friends and family has helped Kolbet see the light in the midst of tragedy.

“It’s something like this that makes me completely realize that there is truly a lot more good people than bad people.”

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