Lt. Gov. Little says co-signing of executive order was not driven by campaign efforts

BOISE, Idaho — In the midst of his gubernatorial campaign, Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little has broken an almost decade long pattern and co-signed an executive order with Idaho Governor Butch Otter.

The executive order entitled, “Restoring Choice in Health Insurance for Idahoans,”aims to free up the insurance marketplace by requiring the Idaho Department of Insurance to, “approve options that follow all State-based requirements, even if not all PPACA requirements are met, so long as the carrier offering the option also offers an exchange-certified alternative in Idaho,” according to the order.

Such striping of the regulation would allow insurance companies to offer more customized plans for people, like a health insurance plan without maternity coverage for a middle aged couple, at a lower cost.

After KID Newsradio reviewed 106 executive orders since Little took office in 2009, it appears this is the first executive order Little has co-signed with the governor, which has some asking if this executive order is more than just a step forward for Idahoans, but for Little’s campaign as well.

“Sadly, this is just the latest example of Boise’s career politicians trying to win an election campaigning on Idaho taxpayer dollars,” David Johnston, campaign manager for the Alquist campaign, said in a statement. “Brad Little supported Idaho’s Obamacare exchange, but now says he’s against it.”

Little denied the co-signing of the executive order was driven by his current campaign for the governor’s seat.

“I guess you could say I’ve been campaigning for two years, but no,” Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little told KID Newsradio. “It has more to do with the job that I’ve done for the last…nine years on economic development, we know that one of the problems in economic is the spiraling cost of healthcare, particularly for middle class and this executive order is directed specifically at making healthcare more affordable for the middle class.”