Idaho’s Congressional delegation supports Neil Gorsuch nomination

REGIONAL – Idaho’s Congressional delegation has announced its support for President Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Congressman Raúl Labrador, R-Idaho, issued this statement:

“I am pleased with President Trump’s nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. I hope that Judge Gorsuch will uphold conservative principles and honor the Constitution, continuing in the legacy of Justice Scalia. I am gratified that the President kept his promise to choose from the list he provided before the election and congratulate him on a stellar pick,” Labrador said.

Sen. Jim Risch said he was honored to attend the introduction ceremony and called it a “historic” moment. “Gorsuch’s impressive track record of defending our U.S. Constitution has rightfully earned him the reputation as an originalist. I am confident he is the right nominee and will follow closely in the footsteps of his predecessor, the late Antonin Scalia.”

Sen. Mike Crapo also issued a statement:

“Judge Gorsuch has a strong background of legal experience and knowledge. I congratulate him on this high honor. I take seriously my constitutional responsibility to thoroughly review this nomination. As that review is conducted, I have long said that our next justice must look first and foremost to the Constitution for guidance in all legal matters. I look forward to meeting with Judge Gorsuch during the confirmation process and learning more about his judicial philosophy.”

Rep. Mike Simpson has not yet issued a statement.