Idaho residents head to the polls in widely anticipated voting day

Residents across the state of Idaho are going to the polls to vote for local issues Tuesday, May 16.

“The local issues are what people have more influence in or say in,” Tim Hurst, Chief Deputy for the Idaho Secretary of State, told KID Newsradio. “A former secretary of state used to always say that democracy is not a spectator sport, it is a participation event and if they want to have a say in what’s going on they need to go out and vote.”

Idaho residents can visit to see if they’re registered and where they should vote.

Hurst says anyone can visit to see find their registration status and where they go to vote. Many elections, he says, have been decided by small margins.

“I’ve seen a number of local elections that have been decided by one or two votes, so every vote does count especially in the local elections.”

Below are summaries of local issues in east Idaho:




Bonneville County: New Taxing District

eastern idaho technical college
Photo by Google Maps

Residents of Bonneville County will be voting on a whether or not to create a new taxing district, turning Eastern Idaho Techinical College (EITC) into a community college. For information about both sides of the issue, visit the links below:

EXCLUSIVE: Community college pre-debate on KID Newsradio

Community college debate heats up ahead of ballot vote

   • INTERVIEW: Final thoughts ahead of Community College vote

City of Blackfoot: Swimming Pool Bond

The Blackfoot Swimming Pool|Photo Courtesy: Local News 8

$5 million is on the table for the City of Blackfoot as voters consider the bond for renovations for the community’s swimming pool. The Idaho Standard Journal reports the bond for the 44-year-old swimming pool would allow the city to make the “needed mechanical, electrical and structural improvements recommended by design professionals, and add features for children.”

View information about the bond in the links below:

Vote set May 16 on $5 million bond for Blackfoot pool  (Idaho State Journal)

Blackfoot pool bond up for vote next week (KIDK Channel 3)

Sample Ballot for Blackfoot Pool Bond (City of Blackfoot)

Bannock County: Special District Elections

Bannock County residents will be voting for special district elections in four districts. The ballot is comprised of over 15 different candidates across eight districts.

View the full list of candidates and district maps below:

Bannock County Special District Elections and Candidates (Bannock County Elections Office)

Special District Elections Maps and Voting Information (Bannock County Elections Office)


Other votes are taking place across the state and in local counties and cities, there are no state-wide issues on any ballots for the May 16 vote.

“There’s a number of issues, especially in eastern Idaho that if people want to have a say in it, need to get out and vote and participate,” Hurst said.

Hurst recommends residents talk to their county clerk’s office and local news media for information about local issues and ballots.