Idaho Falls Zoo Snow Leopard Terminally Ill

A 7-year-old male snow leopard at the Idaho Falls Zoo is terminally ill with acute renal failure.

According to the Post Register, zookeeper Dallas LaDucer noticed Ketu, the snow leopard, had suffered significant and sudden weight loss in July and was alerted that something was wrong with the cat’s health.

“We spend every day with over 300 animals that are as close to us as family members. We know them very well,” Idaho Falls Zoo Veterinarian Dr. Rhonda Aliah said in an Idaho Falls Zoo press release. “… When one of them begins to act differently, or show physical signs of change, we notice. …”

While it is normal for a cat’s weight to fluctuate with the seasons, Ketu’s weight loss seemed more pronounced, the release said.

After several days of lethargic behavior, Ketu was sedated and his blood was taken for testing. He was then later diagnosed with kidney failure.

Kidney failure is common among domestic cats and is a leading cause of death in household pets, the release said.


Zoo officials are doing everything possible to make whatever remaining time Ketu has left comfortable and happy.