Idaho Falls welcomes new police chief Bryce Johnson

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — The Idaho Falls Police Department is now under new management.

Rebecca Mayor Casper welcomed the new Chief of Police, Bryce Johnson, on August 24 when the former Alaska police chief was sworn in as the new Idaho Falls Police Chief.

“The people of this department are awesome,” Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson said. “I am excited for the opportunity to help them see themselves as the fantastic premier organization they already are and to give them some tools to further develop their skills.”

Idaho Falls Police Chief Johnson Swearing In
Mayor Rebecca Casper administers the oath of office to Idaho Falls Police Chief Johnson | Photo Courtesy: The City of Idaho Falls

Johnson spent four years as the Chief of Police for the Juneau Police Department prior to his selection as Chief of Police by an Idaho Falls panel.

“There is an air of excitement associated with Chief Johnson’s arrival. He exudes such enthusiasm for the law enforcement profession,” said Mayor Rebecca Casper. “And the fact that he walked right in already understanding that our Idaho Falls law enforcement officers are true professionals shows me that he is going to be very successful here.”

Prior to his service in Juneau, Chief Johnson spent twenty-one years with the Salt Lake City Police Department, according to a press release by the City of Idaho Falls. Chief Johnson also served for eight years in the United States Naval Reserve as an intelligence analyst.