City of Idaho Falls settles suit with seven Idaho Falls police officers

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — The city of Idaho Falls has settled a lawsuit with seven Idaho Falls Police Department officers over a civil service dispute.

The Post Register reports the officers brought a suit for alleged violations of the city’s civil service regulations.

Now, all seven officers must be considered for promotion, according to the Post Register. One of the six living officers will be promoted to sergeant and receive a sergeant’s pay under the deal.

The officers up for consideration and who brought the suit are Tim Downs, Spencer Steele, Josh Deede, Eric Anderson, Kyle Christopherson, Stephen Avery and Leendert Van Hulten. Officer Van Hulten died before the lawsuit was resolved, according to the Post Register.

“I am in full support of the Council’s decision to (execute) this compromise. I am optimistic about the relationship between the city administration and the police department as it continues to improve,” Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper said in a news release obtained by the Post Register. “The IFPD displays a great deal of professionalism, and all of the officers that were parties to this lawsuit are no exception. I believe that we will all look forward, not backward.”

According to the Post Register, the city’s legal insurer will pay the cost of attorney fees to the seven officers and both sides will split the cost of mediation.