Idaho Falls Rotary Club prepares for 28th annual Duck Race

Thousands of duck float down the Snake River for the Idaho Falls Rotary Club’s annual Duck Race | Image Courtesy: Idaho Falls Rotary Club, used with permission

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — The Idaho Falls Rotary Club is gearing up for their 28th annual Duck Race on Saturday, August 11.

Kevin Call, chairman of the Idaho Falls Rotary Club Duck Race Committee, told KID NewsRadio the event is poised to the final push to help fund a new park on the Greenbelt.

This year, we are donating the funds from this year’s race and our two previous races to our new park that’s down right off Sunnyside on the Greenbelt, off the Sunnyside, Bridge called Heritage Park and that will be completed and up next summer,” Kevin Call told KID NewsRadio. “It’s going to be gorgeous, really a neat park, 17 acres right on the river.”

Those funds come directly from the estimated 18,000 ducks dropped into the Snake River. At $5 a duck, or $25 for a “six-quack,” anyone can enter for their chance to win one of 13 prizes ranging from a brand new truck to a pair of Apple Fitness Watches.

“On Duck Race day, we drop about, this year it will be 18,000, small, rubber ducks upstream of the falls and they float down and each one of those little ducks has a UPC number on the bottom and the duck that comes in first over the falls and through the little chute…wins a brand new 2018 Ford F-150 pickup from Broadway Ford.”

Call said anyone can adopt a duck at Broadway Ford or Sam’s Club, online or at the race on Saturday, August 11 and encouraged people come down to the free events as part of the race on Friday and Saturday.

“Just fun events all down the Greenbelt…from car shows to high-speed boat racing, there’s a lot of static displays, we have helicopter displays, there is a ping pong ball shoot, that we shoot about 2,000 ping pong balls into the air for the little kids to grab and they have prizes marked on them, we drop candy parachutes out of a helicopter with candy bars,” Call said. “We hope a lot of people come down.”

A full list of event can be found at the official Duck Race website.