Idaho Falls Field of Honor invites public to attend Memorial Day weekend event










The Idaho Falls Field of Honor is in it’s 5th year. J.R. Reseigh serves as the president of the club and the fundraising chairman. David Smith is one of the co-founders of the event. Both joined Neal Larson on KID Newsradio to talk about the upcoming event. 

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Organizers for the Idaho Falls Field of Honor are inviting the public to attend, volunteer at or donate to the 5th annual event at Russell Freeman Park, Saturday, May 27.

Photo Courtesy: Idaho Falls Field of Honor

“The display itself has got 1,000 flags lined up perfectly, in order,” J.R. Reseigh, President of the Idaho Falls Exchange Club and fundraising chairman, said. “It’s just to show support for the veterans and the first responders.”

In addition to honoring veterans and first responders on Memorial Day, the event acts a fundraiser for several different organizations and charities. Members of the public can sponsor or purchase a flag in honor of a veteran they know or from a list provided by the organization.

“All of those dollars are given back to a variety of organizations,” Reseigh said. “We give those dollars to the Military Affairs Committee that deals with our veterans and we also give a large amount of money to the organizations that deal with child abuse prevention efforts…as well crime prevention. So those are the three areas where our dollars go from this event.”

The Idaho Falls Field of Honor began five years ago when co-founder David Smith noticed clubs in Montana doing similar displays.

A thousand American flags line Freeman Park in Idaho Falls as part of the Field of Honor celebration.

“The co-founders went up, looked at their presentations, got sold on the idea that this was a good community event and it would raise funds to provide funds for those programs and service,” David Smith, co-founder and project chairman, said.

Reseigh and Smith also say there will be a new event during the Field of Honor on Sunday.

“If you’ve got some old, tattered flags sitting around the house, at 1:30 on Sunday we’re going to have a dignified flag disposal,” Smith said. “So, if you’ve got one of those sitting around, you don’t know what to do, how to do it correctly, bring it out and we’ll take care of it there.”

There will also be a presentation about veteran suicide prevention in the closing ceremony. Additional information about this year’s event is available at