Idaho Falls to bring water rate changes to budget



IDAHO FALLS —A new water rate structure has been proposed by the the Idaho Falls Department of Public Works for the upcoming budget. According to the Post Register, many kinds of water users, such as residents in apartments and large assisted living developments, could see a significant decrease in their monthly bills if the changes are approved. But other types of facilities, including churches, could see their bills rise dramatically. 

Director of Idaho Falls Public Works, Chris Fredericksen, outlined to the Post Register, what the changes would mean to the rates.

• For a single-family detached home, a typical annual water bill would go from $326 to $329.

• For a duplex, the typical water bill would drop from from $324 to $272.

• For a quad or apartment in which the tenant pays the water bill, it would drop from $251 to $202.

• For a 25-unit apartment complex in which the landlord pays the water bill, it would drop from $5,900 to $4,700.

• For churches the bill could more than double. A church that now pays $423 per year would see its bill rise to $953, a consequence of the large amounts of landscaped space that many churches have.

• For commercial office space, the typical bill would drop from $483 to $343.

• For a large hotel or assisted living facility (with about 94 rooms) the typical bill would plummet from $9,170 to $3,490.

If approved by the council, the department is targeting Oct. 1 as the date to roll out the new rate structure.