Idaho Falls Auditorium District Reaffirms Oust of Executive Director

The Idaho Falls Auditorium District board took steps to clear up the controversial firing of their executive director.

Local News 8 reports, the board fired executive director Cindy Ozaki last week in an executive session saying they need someone with better project management skills. However, the Post Register claims there was a technical violation regarding the way the board fired Ozaki, so it was invalid.

Even though discussion about the technicality was not settled, they went ahead and re-cast the vote this morning. The board voted 4-1 to fire Ozaki. The only “nay” came from board chairman Terri Gazdik, who was not present for the previous vote.

The board is going to hire a new executive director to help with the progress of the event center.

The board is trying to move forward with the progress of their new event center. So far, they have raised $8.3 million for the center. Progress on the center is stalled until they hire a new executive director.

The board is also going to create a business advisory council to help with the event center planning.