At Home Activities For the Whole Family During the Eclipse

The total Eclipse is happening on August 21, and Idaho Falls is right in the line of totality as you probably know. The city is going to be over run with visitors wanting to see the occurrence.The Eclipse is a phenomenon but the amount of people that will be in the area is also a phenomenon. Many residents of the area are planning on not leaving their house unless they have to.Take this opportunity to have some family time. So in an effort to keep your kids busy and having fun, check out some of these activities.

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There’s a chance that you and your family may want to hang out inside your house where it’s a little cooler and less crowded. Here are some activities to keep up the fun with the family during the crazy week of the Eclipse.

So many people are expected in the area, officials have said to plan on not having internet and possibly even cell service. So these activities will really come in handy during the Eclipse.

1. If you have little kids, it’s a good idea to find fun crafts and activities that will take some time.

20 best indoor kid crafts and activities for rainy days

2. Staying active doesn’t have to be impossible when you’re spending the day inside.

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3. Pool noodles don’t have to be just for swimming.

4. Have a couple of the kids’ friends over with your kids and make some of these fun crafts.

5. Don’t forget to bust out some board games. 

6. Make a bucket list with your kids for things they want to do during the eclipse week, here are some ideas to get them started.

7. Don’t be afraid to make this a learning experience for the kids. These fun science experiments can teach them a lot.

8. An extravagant movie night can be fun your family and friends, and a good chance to relax.

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9.  Having a night for adults? If you’re finding things to do, some party games can’t hurt.

Fun Party Games for Adults

If you have plans for what you’ll be doing during the eclipse, let us know!