Henry’s Creek Fire Explodes to More than 43,000 Acres

Idaho Falls, ID – 43,235 acres. That’s how many acres have now burned in the Henry Creek Fire. The fire has spread over 17 miles from the Black Hawk subdivision to the Ririe Reservoir and continues to spread east. This fire is considered the number two fire in the Eastern Great Basin which means additional air resources are coming to help. Air resources had some difficulty making retardant and water drops Tuesday due to high winds and low visibility. Officials had believed two cabins had been lost but now say those buildings are intact. Some secondary buildings and outlying structures have been damaged. No significant injuries have been reported. Officials say they believe the fire was human caused.

The fire continues to grow, making rapid runs through unseasonably dry fuels. Three active fire heads are pushing east from the Reservoir with backing occurring as far south as Bull Canyon.


Wildfire updates and fire prevention tips are available on www.IdahoFireInfo.com.


“Weather has been a major concern on this fire,” said Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Incident Commander Cory Berkebile. “The Red Flag warning for winds today hampered our firefighting efforts.” Extreme gusts drove the fire northeast at an increased rate of speed. The fire jumped the Bone and Sunnyside intersection late this afternoon and is pushing towards Willow Creek.


The following areas are closed:

Intersection of Bone and Lincoln

East Sunnyside from Crescent Drive

Ririe Reservoir, including Blacktail

Tex Creek

Meadow Creek

Fall Creek Road and

Long Valley Road

Officials in Teton County are closely monitoring a wind driven 870 acre forest fire in Tie Canyon located on Pine Creek Pass.  The fire has spotted across and east of the Upper Rainey Creek Road.  An area closure is in effect, as are road closures for Tie Canyon Road 252 and Upper Rainey Creek Road 253.  The United States Forest Service is planning to close the Black Grove Trail 047, the Power Line Trail 321, and the Blanchard Ridge Trail 014.  Highway 31 may close if the fire shifts towards it.
Because power lines are in the vicinity of the fire, regional power outages may occur.  At this time, it is not necessary for citizens to reduce electrical use.
A Level One evacuation order has been issued to residents and property owners south of 10000 South, east of Highway 31, and west of 1000 West (Pole Canyon Road) in addition to Hidden Waters Subdivision.

Photo Courtesy of BLM