Healing of America Conference attracts visitors across the West

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REXBURG, Idaho — A Rexburg-based conference is attracting people from across the West.

“People are driving in from all over,” Jacob Householder, President of the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies Rexburg Chapter, told KID NewsRadio “I know of people driving here from North Dakota, Arizona, Utah, Nebraska, Colorado. So, people are coming from all over the place for this, and so we expect a really diverse crowd.”

The purpose of the conference is in the name, Healing of America. Householder said the current political climate is what prompted the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies to host the conference in hopes of softening an increasingly hostile social and political environment.

“The healing of America conference is designed to teach people how to talk about politics in a way that actually unites,” Jacob Householder told KID NewsRadio. “There’s a lot of division and contention between liberals and conservatives, and when I went back and studied what it means to be a liberal, what it means to be conservative, where those words come from, I found that they are actually not incompatible, but they’re actually complimentary.”

Finding the middle ground is lost in the process, Householder said, and instead is muddled with arguments, discord and hostility.

“The problem is the conversation doesn’t happen,” Householder said. “Both sides are so polarized and so hostile towards one another. The strengths of one are not allowed to compliment the other, and so the purpose of the conference is to inspire students and community members with a love for the constitution in it’s original form to show them how brilliant the founding fathers were to design a system that takes advantage of the energy of liberalism, and the compassion of liberalism and guides that with the foresight and risk aversion of conservatism.”

Speakers from across the country and locally will participate in the event, including Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, author Jason Mow, and Idaho Speaker Pro Temp Senator Brent Hill.

Householder also said the conference will host a concert with nationally recognized artists, including America’s Got Talent finalists, Evie Claire, and Ali and Christina Christensen.

Tickets are required and can be purchased beforehand, but Householder said even the price of the tickets is unique.

“There’s also a name your price option where you can pay whatever you believe that the tickets are worth,” Householder said. “So, big families that are pinching pennies, it’s affordable for them. People who really believe in this cause and want to help promote this and support this a nonprofit can also pay more than the suggested price. It’s really whatever that person feels comfortable providing for the ticket donation.”

The conference is at the Rexburg Tabernacle on Saturday, October 13 at 1 PM and runs until 4 PM, with a concert in the evening. Separate tickets are required for both events.

Full details can be found on the Healing of America Conference website. 

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