Girl Scout sells over 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies outside pot shop

Photo Courtesy: Girl Scouts of America via website


SAN DIEGO, California — A California Girl Scout is making headlines across the nation for perhaps one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns to date: selling Girl Scout cookies in front of a pot shop.

Within six hours (that’s less than your average business day), the 9-year-old girl managed to sell over 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout officials say it doesn’t appear the child broke any rules and in fact, she’s not the first to try the tactic. In 2014 and in 2016, two girls in San Francisco and Albequerque, set up shop near pot stores, according to the LA Times and Fox News. But even the combined sales of both those events didn’t even come near to the success of this kid.

Someone get this girl a scholarship to business school.

Fox News reports the San Diego Girl Scouts Council is investigating to verify the girl didn’t break any rules, but for now, it doesn’t appear the junior entreprenuer’s strategy was in violation of any policy.