Four Arrested in Kidnapping, Fifth Man Sought

BONNEVILLE COUNTY – Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested four people and are looking for a fifth person involved in a kidnapping.  Police say 32-year-old Brandon Bykonen, was found injured Thursday after being held against his will. Officers arrested 33-year-old Alvaro Oseguera, 23-year-olds Devin Crawford, and Sara Oden and 19-year-old Ivan Sandoval. All of those arrested have been residing in the Idaho Falls area, with the exception of Sandoval, who resides in Wyoming. They have each been charged with Kidnapping in the first degree and Mayhem.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help locating a fifth suspect, 19-year-old Faustino Angelo Anaya. Officers say do not approach him or attempt to contact him. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office at 208-529-1200 or contact Crime Stoppers at 208-522-1983  or