Experts remind people to clean headlights before hitting the road


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Before hitting the road to Grandma’s house this Christmas, experts are reminding people to check and clean their headlights.

“Over time, sunlight causes the headlight lens coating to deteriorate, making it harder for your headlights to do their job,” Matthew Conde, AAA Idaho spokesman, said. “Eventually, the lens behaves more like a lampshade.”

Cloudy lenses can pose a major safety hazard. Yellowed lights can block up to 80 percent of available

Image Courtesy: AAA Idaho

light output making it hard to see a wandering deer or a nearby cyclist. But, clouded lights are easily fixed and repairs don’t have to break the bank.

“Headlight lens restoration by a trained professional will cost much less (approximately $77), and a DIY restoration kit can cost as little as $21 at a local auto parts store,” according to a AAA press release. “Both can restore up to 70 percent of the lost light output.”

Repairing headlights, Conde said, improves safety for the car full of loved ones traveling this holiday season and could save lives.

“Please share this information with friends and loved ones,” Conde said. “It’s a simple way to improve visibility and reaction time that could ultimately save lives.”