EXCLUSIVE: Sneak peek of Idaho Falls LDS Temple Youth Cultural Celebration

Less than a day away from the Idaho Falls LDS Temple Youth Cultural Celebration, Neal Larson gets a behind the scenes view at one of the final rehearsals.

Listen to an exclusive interview with KID Newsradio about the cultural celebration here.

Photos from the June 2 rehearsal are below:

Thousands of LDS gather in the Holt Arena in Pocatello for one of the final rehearsals | NEAL LARSON, KID Newsradio
As estimated 12,000-14,000 youth are expected to participate in the youth cultural celebration entitled, “Temple By The River – Reflections” | NEAL LARSON, KID Newsradio
In addition to youth dancers, there is also a 500 person youth choir slated to sing during the celebration | NEAL LARSON, KID Newsradio