Episode 2 – East Idaho Talks

In this episode of the East Idaho Eclipse Podcast, we’re listening to you – East Idaho residents! We get to hear your first impressions about the upcoming eclipse. Some of you called into the Neal Larson show and some of you talked to us on the street. We’ll hear from an 87 year old man and an 8 year old girl. We’ll hear from a guy that had a spiritual almost out of body experience during an eclipse, and a woman who has permanent eye damage because she didn’t have proper safety gear to view an eclipse when she was a kid. We even get a taste of what our neighbors to the East are up to thanks to a man from Dubois, Wyoming!

We also chat with Chip Schwarze, CEO of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce about the steps that Idaho Falls is taking to prepare itself and its citizens for the big day, the weekend ahead of it, as well as the few days afterward. They’ve put together a great website with a lot of fantastic information, check it out here.

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