Educational Activities To Learn About The Eclipse

The Eclipse is going to be a big event for people of all ages. Take this chance to educate your kids a little about the Eclipse.

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent this is a great opportunity to help kids learn all about the Eclipse. Solar information, how to safely view it, and fun ways to learn. It doesn’t have to be a sit down lecture, check out these fun ways to teach your kids about the Eclipse.

Outer Space Hats


  • The really little ones might not know much about space but bingo is a quick way to help them with the basics.
  • Try making a pinhole camera for Eclipse viewing and talk about doing it safely.
  • Kids love making cootie catchers but these can help them learn about more than their favorite color.
  • Make some snacks and watch some videos to learn a little more about the basics of an Eclipse.
  • Kids Konnect has easy to understand information. It’s a great resource for teachers to use with students.