East Idaho man launches bid to unseat Idaho Representative Tom Loertscher

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — An east Idaho man has launched a campaign to unseat Idaho Legislative District 32B Representative Tom Loertscher.

Chad Christensen, a native of Idaho, said he launched his bid for Rep. Loertscher’s seat after watching the long-time representative continually reject pro-gun bills.

“You know, I’ve watched Mr. Loertscher block the constitutional carry bill for a long time and then anything to do with the castle doctrine or House Bill 444,” Chad Christensen, candidate for Idaho Legislative District 32B, told KID Newsradio.”So, I just decided, okay, that’s enough. No way the committee chairman should have the power to stop bills from being heard. He’s stopping the voice of the people.”

Gun rights aren’t the only issues Christensen says he is concerned about, though his approach to all political issues is strictly constitutional.

“Government should  protect God given rights, protect constitutional rights and that should be the sole purpose government,” Christensen said. “I think there’s too much government in the people’s lives today. We need to regulation on the personal level, at the business level. There’s just too many laws and regulations over the people.”

The primary election for Idaho Legislative District 32B is in May.

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