Congressman Fulcher addresses Idaho House of Representatives

Photo Courtesy: Russ Fulcher via Facebook
Listen to Congressman Russ Fulcher’s address to the Idaho House of Representatives | Audio courtesy: Idaho Legislature
BOISE, Idaho ー Congressman Russ Fulcher addresses members of the Idaho House of Representatives  during his visit to the state on Friday, February 22.
After just seven weeks of service in the minority party of the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Fulcher said he’s learned several lessons. One such lesson centers around the culture currently being cultivated in Washington D.C.
“Learning just how real and intense the level of vitriol is with certain members of the media, agencies and senior officials against the president to the point where there are those that will literally say or do seemingly anything to get him ousted,” Congressman Fulcher said. “Now, whether you support the president or not, this should be concerning to all of us. If unelected bureaucrats can remove a duly elected president, they can take out anyone they choose to target, and that converts our republic to a system of bureaucratic rule.”
As the nation waits for the results of a two-year investigation into allegations of President Trump’s relationship with Russia, Congressman Fulcher said it’s time for those involved in the investigation to tell the American people what they’ve found.”
“After two years of so called investigations, the special counsel and accusing agency members either need to report their findings with evidence or move on,” Congressman Fulcher said. “I’ll be publicly making that known and asking colleagues to do the same.”
Despite the incivility, tension and division Congressman Fulcher has seen in the nation’s capitol, he also said he’s found comfort knowing the very environment that’s preventing Republicans from moving forward on key issues is the same environment that prevents more radical changes in the government.
“There are things that I believe are right with Washington,” Congressman Fulcher said. “That same environment blocks a lot of crazy things and we’ve had some of that lately…that environment cuts both ways. It was never designed to be easy. It’s a struggle. But, in this case it can be a good thing as well.”
Congressman Fulcher concluded by offering lawmakers a message of encouragement in their efforts to serve Idahoans in the halls of the legislature.
“It’s my belief that we’re not here together in our respective roles at this time by accident,” Congressman Fulcher said. “We are here in a monumental time in history. Our job is to stand, as our predecessors did, to protect and promote the values and the economic system of our heritage.”